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+ 3 US 1776 first order


3x npp 100mg
2x sust 250mg
2x deca 300mg
1x test e 250
Ordered this about mid August. I couldn't start right away like I wanted to. I work construction and we had a few kitchens to be renovated. Life just gets in the way of our plans sometimes and Worked some long days. So I wanted to get this up and my review as soon as I was able to really get a good feel for these products and get all in with being consistent with my training. I really try and give my honest opinion when it comes to domestic. Eroids has made things really great for us. Counting US I now have only 3 domestic sources I will always use without worrying if it's quality or if my package is going to take a couple weeks to show up. US has mct oil which for me is amazing. Gso is good, and I'm okay with it, but I do prefer the mct. Seems like my body metabolizes it easier and no real pip here!

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Does the Deca look dark/trenish? I haven't seen it that shade before

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It's not as yellow as it looks in this picture. I think it's the lighting and the camera that why it looks darker here in the pic. It is more yellow, like if it was grape seed oil, but I've had deca this color many times. If I put a picture up of it next to tren you would see its not close to the color of tren lol.

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I prefer mct also. Oil looks good and nice levels. Nice pickup

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That’s a sexy line up right there!

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Yeah buddy Good

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Brother looks good. Keep us updated. +1
Welcome to the family bro. I only deal with a few srcs myself.

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Hey brother. Npp fourth to the right. Is that a contaminant suspended in the bottle or just something or the outside? It looks like a tiny black speck on the bottom. Just looking out for ya brother.

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Appreciate the look out, I didn't even see that in the pic lol. Nothing in the vials, I always check when I first receive them and each time I pin in case some rubber falls inside. It must've been something on the outside of the vial right before I took the pic. Good catch though +

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Assumed so brother I’ve had never had a problem with these guys. Looked almost like a piece of rubber but they were sealed so wanted to give ya a shout. Enjoy !!