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+ 11 After long hiatus, filled out for vacation lol


This is the only pics of my progress that goes with my review for OS. I'm not where i want to be, but just wanted to add some perspective where i was and where i ended up. I'm no where near done, i would like to get past where i was in my previous pictures

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I see 'what' you mean matey - it worked nicely!

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your work pays
Really nice explosive body

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Thanks dude. I was bigger before the pandemic hit, you can look back through my pics, now I'm just trying to rebuild. I just lost my motivation after the pandemic, and now I'm kind of getting it back.

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Thanks bro Good

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Looks like you filled out nicely while keeping bodyfat low. Good

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Thanks Mak! It's hard for me to put on body fat, just my genetics lol. I can eat whatever and stay lean, even at 43 lol

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Lucky bastard! Lol

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Hahaha Some say that, but sometimes i think it's a curse because my God do i have to eat a ton to gain just a little lol. I just noticed we have emojis here now? Haha

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Rusty! What up broski! Glad you stopped by. You know i was better before the damn pandemic, but I'm coming back my man! Cant wait to see what more i can achieve Smile how have you been since the pandemic?

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My genetics wont allow bodyfat lol. It's just adding the mass, but consistency is so key! Miss one workout, leads to 2, a week, and the muscle says well I'm not needed and bye lol. I look forward to this season. I will keep the community updated. Glad to hear you got right back! I work construction, every aspect, very physically demanding. I didnt get laid off, so that was my "excuse" not to get back to the gym. I was working more and harder because nobody else was. But it was just an excuse. Now, no more excuses. Hope you're killing it bro

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Great come back brotha keep at it

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Thanks dude. Seeing how fast it can come back is amazing to me. The results definitely will keep me pushing because now I'm curious to see how much more I can do. I ask myself, "can i pass where i was before if i can do this?" I really appreciate your words. This is where we motivate each other. It's hard to see the change in yourself and is a good thing to see other people notice. thanks again for the the kind words brotha

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Nice work

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Thanks bro. This was just a "real quick" to see what i could do with myself if i had a specific date and goal in my mind. I lost my motivation when the pandemic hit and gyms were closed. When they reopened, i was just going here and there. No consistency with anything. Before the pandemic went hard, gym 5 days a week no matter what, for 4 years straight. Maybe i burned myself out, I'm not sure. But i finally got that fire coming back, and i can't wait to see if i can get past my stuck point before. If you look through my past posted pics, you'll see what i mean. Thank you for noticing the work i had to put in to get to that point in a short time --

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Muscle memory is real lol. I couldn't believe how fast i filled out and hardened up. You see the first pic, jun 15th, i was not consistent, and flat. I was not going to sit by the pool or on the beach like that. So i went hard until the day we left for vacation. And it shows the gear is legit, the hard work was there. Go easy guys, I'm just making my comeback. My plan is to push and see if i can get past that plateau i was at before