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+ 8 Ultima HGH Lab Test Results


I recently ordered some Ultima HGH from pmroids. Had a vial sent off for testing. Awesome results from Ultima!

Ordered from: 
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Thanks for getting labs done. +1

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Thanks for your sharing @Brooks2023

200 PMR Points added to account at the website.

Enjoy your gears.


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Awesome. Results from a legit lab do not lie. Science is always better than making shit up or guessing.

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Id trust blood tests.

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Plan on getting labs done in a month or so. Been running 2.5iu 5 days on 2 off. New here. Thought Jano was the standard for testing?

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Will watch for your bloods. High five!!

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Janos is not a true certified lab, but they are faster with providing results in comparison to a true certified lab like SiMEC in Switzerland or ChemTox out of France. Both Simec and ChemTox have legal information and certificates, true certified labs. Janos, nothing except domain registered in Czech, hosting in Bulgaria.....could be a drop out chem major student doing "testing" in his basement/garage/storage unit for all any of us know....not that that's factual, just my opinion. What is factual...Simec&ChemTox are certified labs...GOLD standard for testing IMO.

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could be a drop out chem major student doing "testing" in his basement/garage/storage unit for all any of us know

Most likely is. I think he has cleaned up his game though after the big HGH fiasco that went on with him a few year back.
Better than nothing I guess, just don't put all your eggs in 1 basket.

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Didn’t know about those two labs. Appreciate the info.

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All of it’s sketchy at best.

All these documents are editable with minimal effort on a good computer.

Repeated blood results from people with photographic evidence of their personal results are what I look for when evaluating if a product is legit.

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I mean… if you really think about it…

Labs are editable same as a plain pic Jano report. At least there’s a key there to look up the Jano. Lab Reports may not be credible pending the injection protocol from the user. Are they really doing what they’re saying they are? How much user error? Are those progress pictures really them?

Labs are only truly credible for the reporter. Based on what they know Themselves to be doing. There’s no third party there.

I’ve sent a dozen blind samples to Jano over the last 3 years and everything has always Checked out to the degree expected. Some samples spot on, some overdosed, underdosed. Etc.

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Facts. I know this report is legit as I paid for it myself and sent it to Jano and you can check the key. Hell even blood labs can be edited if someone really wanted to scoop to that level. Just doing my part to help myself and the community. Ordering from sources, giving reviews, posting labs/tests. There’s a lot of misinformation out there so the only way to truly know what I’m getting in to is to do research and experience it myself and see how my body reacts. Hopefully in the process I can help someone else out who may be new and trying to figure everything out themselves.

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I hear you. I’m basing things off how I’m currently feeling/looking and things seem to be lining up. Bloodwork will be the ultimate factor here in a few weeks. Will post results.

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Appreciate you testing +1

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