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  • drewmitz   •   Fri, Oct 4th, '19 02:28   •   4 replies, 274 views

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I ordered Very long time ago never had a chance well to be honest I just forgot to upload pictures as well as a review. The deco was good I noticed less joint pain given that I do have drain pan and help with the information and lubrication Of said joints. DQ was good appetite shot through the roof typical Side effects such as slight acting did not have a heightened sense of aggression but didn’t have a heightened of awareness overall product that I ordered were good and did as promised.
Both Items ordered were 10ml
2 X Decca 300mg
2 X EQ 300mg



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  • ugfreak
  • 4 months ago

Can you send the hot sauce back please? Couldn't find it when preparing dinner. This explains...

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  • Hunter2400
  • 5 months ago

2gs a week has me sweating like a champ.....lean and mean son!! Bring on da fire

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  • ECinfidel
  • 5 months ago

How you planning to run the hot sauce? I suspect its gonna have some pip. :)

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It may have a little kick