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Hello everyone,
This is not my first time using this brand or this supplier, what i can say is that they get back to you very quickly and are very professional. I've used both types of gear just never in a blend so i am excited to try it for the first time
Using the site was very easy and shipping came in very well packaged and discreet. I was also given as a gift (as was everyone else in the promo) free Dbol which was a very nice gesture).
The oil looks very clean with nothing floating in it which i have experienced with other sites. I will pin this in the following two weeks or so and will give an additional review on the gear and if there is any PIP, as ive said its my first time using a blend so im not sure what to expect but given the history i have with the brand I'm sure it will be nothing but great results.
Thank you to Teamroids for the fast response to my questions and allowing me to be part of this amazing promi.

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thanks for sharing buddy!

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Cool pic bro!

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Yeah, Teamroids is definitely a great and reliable source. ParaPharma is good stuff

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On para testo e right now and it's too notch

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