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First time trying out parapharma, hoping it’s nice considering the quantity I have.
Took about 3 week international so not bad, expected.
Sadly I’ll be sitting on most of this while I heal but couldn’t pass up their sale.

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Awesome picture bro! Thanks a lot for sharing.

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Fuckn oath bro! That’s a big haul. Enough viagra to kill a whale! Haha

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Holy that’s a lot of nice looking vials

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Looks awesome?! what are the lil brown 4 pack pills? I got the same packet sent on my order from another site kinda looks like a viagra shape?

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Quality gear. I also like most things try to purchase in bulk, I safe much more money in the long run especially during sales. Also nice to have everything to hand

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Right, especially if consesus says it's quality products. Nothing is worse than being in a blast then having to order a compound that is needed, the anxiety of the wait gets me lol thankful that we are in much better times regarding ordering AAS and much more reliable domestic sources readily available as compared to 10+ years ago. Long gone are the days of donating and waiting over a month, sometimes 2 especially if packs are split.

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Absolutely and I think eroids has played a massive part in that with easy access to reviews/exposure and increasing competition between sources' quality, service and delivery

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You ever ordered from the UK PP warehouse bud? Turns up next day!! Lol

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Yeah I ordered their PP GH after your feedback as well as others.
It arrived within 2 days from UK domestic line. Also cost less around £80, regret not ordering more. Quality gear with unbeatable prices and service.

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You'll be glad you went with PP.
Genuinely this is my no1 lab, tried shit loads of their range of products and loved em all. Especially their proviron, there's is tbe best I've used, including pharma grade.

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Is it all for the cycle or stock?

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That’s a very nice order

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Top lab, jealous looking at that order. Enjoy growing once you heal up

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Nice motherload!

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Nice score. I hope u heal fast but take it slow. Must feel good getting back in the gym though. Good luck brother!

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You don't wrong with PP ! Quality products !

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Haha, that's a solid ammount considering its your first order. You must have some real faith in community reviews here :-)) Jokes aside, ParaPharma is great brand, I've tested their gears on myself with great results. Just for my curiosity, are you going to use all that gear by yourself or are you selling some to your fellow gymbros?

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Ehhh, I think for his safety it’s best he doesn’t answer that. I used to stock up in case of an apocalypse.

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What do you mean mate, its meant to be annonymous here, or? :-O

We are all stocked up for apocalypse I suppose, haha. I enjoy buying plenty of products "just in case" even though we're trying to concieve and I can't even blast. I have my cycles planned for a year in advance, from the day my gf gets pregnant and I still "upgrade them"

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Facts. I plan similarly and like having plenty vials/amps of each my favorite compounds. Once I find quality lab/brand I buy a small bulk and keep plenty stashed. Shit, I'm using Sustanon Ampules right now that aren't even in production anymore (OrgSust) years expired, but just as good. Love amps and it's top shelf quality, but had to use it cause it's getting REALLY old. The whole bottom and side "ammo" slots of my 6ft liberty gun safe holds no ammo whatsoever ...straight amps and vials lol. Perfect stash spot only I can get into ..wifey has her own much smaller, but well equipped unit for her few handguns. She's not into steroids like I am,. Keeps the balance and works well. We both are into fitness and shoot at the range, but only I shoot steroids.

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Lots of luck, I did the same and wasn’t able to use because it took a long time in between to have our second. Now that I have my two, I intend on using my apocalypse stash full throttle.

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Nothing but quality right there! Those PP orals are top shelf. As is the source. Enjoy my man!

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Yowzerz nice!

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Damn. Got half a chub ( no homo ) and starting sweating just looking at that. Nice.

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Nice haul matey! I am interested to see how you get along with the M1T tabs - I tried them about 4 years ago now but got bad stomach from them, hopefully they are better now Smile

I Hope the chest is healing well too.

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Never used it before, excited to experiment a little with some of this stuff. Plan to do minimal dose for short amounts of time just to see how I respond and if it’s worth it
And thanks, been getting better day by day. Hit a chest day today and even picked up some incline dumbells and smith machine bench. Light weights but we’re getting there.

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Wow time has passed by then pretty quick if you are able to at least train it again - it feels awesome doesn't it the first time you get some blood through it again and your clothes don't feel as baggy on top! You literally feel massive at first compared to how you have been doing lol

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Oh yeah, after just cranking a shitload of reps with light weight chasing that pump, it’s the greatest feeling when it’s there after not having it for so long. Chest might be torn but feels huge with that pump lol

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@Diesel77 I know you were waiting for this one ;)

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There it is!!!! Now that's is a beautiful huge order. That's what I'm fcuking talking about bro! Thumbs way up for the nice haul and beautiful gear porn. Hope you heal up nicely and get back on track, I know it's frustrating and unfortunately is part of the game. That DP M1-T is potent and unbelievable ..also used DP Halotestin and loved it. Haven't used any PP, but all reviews have been positive and they tested very well on A.L. Take things slow when the pec fully heals and wish you well man +1

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When did you use the DP M1T?
Care to share more details? Really intrigued, thanks!

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Last run was about year and half ago. It's once of those compounds along with Halo that I used few times a week on top of being on Test and other injects. Loved it as a preworkout oral and used it as replacement of TNE for easing off injectablle oils for that specific time. It brings quick aggression, which equates to a nice weight lifting session. Kept my physique dry and no bloat, no pimples for me but a buddy had acne breakouts from it. It is toxic and shouldnt be used long periods, kept mine at 2/3 weeks tops. Used Aromasin along M1-T and was really happy with DP orals. I've used DP halo, M1-T, Anavar and loved them all. Never had a bad experience with DP oral tabs. Can't beat the affordable price and quality it brings. Readily available and easily obtained USDom too.