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Excited. Been wanting to try Para Pharma for a bit now and was lucky enough to get in on the promo. T/A was 3 weeks so that is good in my books for international especially a promo.
NPP 150, Test P 100, Test Suspension 100, Superdrol 10 and Winstrol 10
I'll write a review within the next month on what I used.
Thanks UGFreak!

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Thanks for posting! Our pleasure. Enjoy the gear. We look forward to reading your review.

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No problem and thank you guys! Appreciate it!

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Hows the TNE? I see it's water based....Water typically gives me slight PIP and I have to rotate those injections as they leave me with injection knots. I wonder if I used a 1.5 inch needle then maybe I wouldn't get those knots as the oil would be theoretically deeper. I'll look into that, I really like TNE alot...

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I did .5ml today mixed with another oil and 1ml l-carnitine and there was no PIP at all. I started working out a out 30-40 minutes later and started off good and just got better as I went through the workout. I never done any suspensions before and this was pretty awesome because I didn't take a pre-workout but I felt so focused and just wanted to push some weight. Gonna save it for days when I need a little push and leg days.

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Nice choice of compounds there bud - apart from the winstrol!! Lol

Just reading what you put below, I really wouldn't combine the Superdrol with Winstrol firstly for Liver reasons. Second is you realise how strong superdrol & Test suspension gets you pretty damn quickly? Combine that alongside some nice dry, brittle tendons from the winstrol and its snap city.

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Yeah I only run super for a few weeks then done. If I'm running 20mg ED I can handle it. More than that Im down. I appreciate the advice. Prob not the best idea but I'm gonna try it. I wanna get blood work done first before I start the super and if everything is decently ok then I'll run it. I try to get regular CMP and lipids labs every few months when taking anything more than test and NPP especially with orals because my liver seems to shoot up. So once that's done Ill go from there. Thanks again for the advice I do appreciate any input especially if helping to not kill my organs or snap a tendon.

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Yea brotha he's right press told me a week in on superdrol 20mg a day even with tudca and milk thistle my liver enzymes were way higher than normal so I owe him one for that I only use it now as a pre workout once in a while bc it did make me very strong very quick but for my.body it was the most toxic oral on my liver thanks again press --

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Hello @TrenAThor

Nice order i love NPP / Test with short or middle ester.
Be careful with Superdrol, this compound are not a joke !

I hope you have your liver supplement try to take Milk Thistle with high pourcentage of silymarin (1 to 1,5g daily you split the dose around 300/350mg morning + midday + evening) and for hdl / ldl try to eat poly & mono saturated fat food / supp fish oil.

Think about electrolytes too because Superdrol and Stanozolol dry your body like hell and COQ10 for your heart.

Enjoy your cycle ! +1

PS: N-Acetyl-Cysteine on empty stomach 600/700mg x 2 in addition with milk thistle

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Thanks for all that! I love the short esters too. I know it can cost a little more but I feel like its easier to control sides if they appear plus I just like them lol. Yeah the super starts getting to me after 20mg from past experiences so I'm gonna take it slow. Thinking 10mg super with 20mg-30mg winni and see how it goes. I take most those supplements even when just cruising. The only one I don't is the CoQ10. I've read a lot of good things but just haven't thrown it in yet. I take TUDCA, NAC, Fish oil, Magnesium, Vitamin C and a multi vitamin daily. I just started throwing milk thistle back in. I use to take it all the time.

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