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I did blood work a while back and my E2 was high 130? I was pinning .5ml testE-250 every4 day, my test level was 1700?(and actually I was pinning on e4d so it was really close to 1 ml/wk testE) So I added para Aromasin 12.5mg Sundays and Thursdays, and para testP 100mg Sundays Tuesday and Thursdays.
I know this seems some what complicated, but I use calendars and logs, and I am in a hurry right now so will explain it better in my comments Sunday when I have more time.
Basically 1-25mg para Aromasin tablet took my E2 from 135-95 and adding 3mls weekly of para test P
Increased my test levels from 1700?-2100?
Everything else on the panel was in normal range, I am going to run this blast for 6 more weeks increasing the Aromasin to 25mg 2x wk and then back to Dr prescribed trt for the foreseeable future.

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Thanks for posting brother! Glad you are always enjoying our products and service.

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Some people are sensitive from test increasing e2, me being one. To mitigate I use anastrazole daily, quarter on non pin days and half on pin.

I have a diagnosed issue with my petuitary, had not ran any gear in years and lack of exercise and weight gain messed me up. My number was in the 200s, total test was that of a dead man (2nmol). The doc had me on exemastane just quarter a tab three times a week during my trt phase - reduction was non existant. Switching to anastrazole and tweaking my protocol myself took it from the 200s to 30/50 range. Huge reduction.

Now I cycle freely with bloods myself. Test in the 500ml range just rockets my levels, 350 with my protocol keeps it stable. Controlling the e2 helped bloat, fat loss and more. It is an overlooked factor when cycling overall.

Best of luck.

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I agree everything hit everyone different. Even our own bodies change over time. I used to never need an ai on 500mg/ week now it seems like I gotta take it 2x per week

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