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+ 2 UGFreak Order + Promo


Got a bit excited and started running these before I posted touchdown pics haha. Received $100 credit for a promo and combined it with an order while the massive 60% crypto discount was running.

Products Received:
x4 PP Testo C 250
x2 PP Anadrol 50
x1 PP Tamoxifen 20
x1 PP Aromasin 25
x1 DP Oral Tren
x1 DP Methyl-1-Test 10

He threw in 4 20mg Cialis tabs as a freebie due to an order delay from a system crash. Review coming soon Smile

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If you’re already pinning test why use oral tren? Seems like unnecessary and not as potent as a shot of ace straight to the bloodstream!!! Haha.
Good brands though hopefully works well for ya mate,

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I was curious how methylated tren compared to the normal stuff haha

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Awesome brother! Thanks for sharing the pic. Enjoy!

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Used that DP M-1T years ago ...potent stuff. DP Halotestin was high quality too. Instant aggression and makes for a fun weight lifting session with either one of those 2 in the equation. Much prefer Halo over M-1T though, but to each his own. M-1T can bring some cystic pimples/gyno and lethargy which ruins things, Halo for the win and my body reacts to it much better. No feedback on that DP oral tren...nice order...thumbs up

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Haven't given the M-1-T a try yet, but 500mcg of the oral tren has me recomping like 420mg/wk ace. Can barely outeat it. The stuff really is instant tren, with the side-effect of liver death if you don't get regular bloodwork.

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Nice and glad to hear you like it and is treating you well. I personally prefer Tren Hex first then comes Ace 2nd, but to each his own and whichever works best for you and what your body reacts well to is the key.

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Never tried hex myself but would be interested to. Only worry would be I react like hell to it like I did enanthate and end up a sleepless lunatic for three weeks lol

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I react best to Hex and am not negatively affected by it. TrenE is the worst and I consider "side effects in a vial" ...with the Ace, the negative sides for me will creep up at around week 7-8 so I limit it's use to 6 weeks max

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Welp you've convinced me. I'm trying tren hex my next cycle

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LOL do some homework and make sure you absolutely trust your source, as Hex is a bit more expensive due to the fact that it's raws are costly compared to Ace/Ent. Often enant is labeled as Hex and sold thinking "they'll never know the difference", but a hex fanatic like me knows...

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I picked up some dragon Hex and plan on running it in June. I know the brand you use but I think Dragon Pharma is legit as far as contents. It’s encouraging to hear that sides with hex are very minimal which is why I picked some up. I’m planning on using 300 mg Sust-200MG Parabolan for 12 weeks.

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I would bet on DP Parabolan as being legit tren hex. I have never tried it, but would have no issues with doing so and injecting with confidence. DP has been around a while and has built up a good reputation. Also, DP Halotestin is one of my favorite brands for Halo amongst a select few others. Halo is very expensive and if a lab is pumping out quality halo, it's a good way to ensure the rest of their inventory lineup is legit as well.

Plus, DP has always tested very well on A L. (A 3rd party group who anonymously purchases products from various labs and test for quality) They havent been testing recently though, but have a huge lineup of various labs that are posted on their site, which includes DP. 200mg hex a week is a good dose, the original human version pharma grade parabolan by negma was dosed at 76mg per ampule, which ultimately gave users 50mg of tren hex per inject. I personally like that dosing myself and replicate when I am using tren hex, it was the one and only human approved dose for tren hex and is interesting to me.

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Para Pharma & Dragon Pharma are 2 of my faves. I’m curious about M1-T. Have you ever used that or the oral tren before?

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Please Keep us updated with how that oral tren and m1t work out for you I haven't really heard much about those compounds.

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I’ve used that oral Tren before. I wasn’t impressed, although I only took two pills per day on days I didn’t pin Tren. Didn’t seem to have any pre workout benefits at all,

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Nice score! Gotta lose that packaging though or you can lose Karma, Bro!

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Haha it's just the bubble wrap, not the outer packaging it was shipped in thankfully. That's in the trash!

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I've seen shit where the feds found out a guy based off of bubble wrap. It happened to only be sold in one region of the country at one specific store. He just happened to purchase copious amounts of it and it set off a red flag. If you think the feds wont go to great lengths find out packaging you don't know much about the feds lol

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People don’t realize that the feds are smart with tracking people down. That’s their job, and they almost perfected it. They are very smart people. You have to admit that.

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They will have teams put cross shredded paper back together. Time and money is not an issue.

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Doesn't matter if you think it's BS because it's "soooo obvious" that isn't justification to get lax in security.

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Still not ok my man. Posting any shipping related material can compromise a sources shipping practices. We don't do that here.

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By that logic we should be taking tabs out of their UGL packages and scattering them across our table, only after peeling the labels off our vials.

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Do the labels somehow change the heft, sound, feel, size, and type of shipping might be involved for this source? breadcrumbs... if I collect enough of them I have a loaf.

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Packing/shipping materials shouldn't be posted. It's a simple rule. Follow it or don't. You can argue with a mod. Your post has been flagged.