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  • haywire91   •   Fri, Mar 27th, '20 10:30   •   2 replies, 225 views

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I tried a lot of their products however this is what im currently using. Due to all gyms being shot down im bringing down to TRT. I love using their test since I've yet to experience any negative sides. Such as pain, burning, inflammation or anything of those sorts. Aromasin really helps with my estrogen levels. Im prone to gyno and this really helps keeping it under control.


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  • 4 months ago

I've heard great things about this source, and they test to prove the accuracy of their product. However, as was pointed out, I do hope that if not under a prescribed protocol, at least get the proper lab work done to ensure your personal safety? I'd hate to see a legit supplier cosign you only to not not take the needed precautions on your end. Best wishes bro

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  • 4 months ago

Are you monitored by a doctor for your TRT? Or bro science monitored? If you have gyno, your doc should be helping with controlling it. I’m guessing you’re not under a doctors care or you would be using pharma grade.

Either way, I hear para is a good brand