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  • haywire91   •   Mon, Dec 9th, '19 21:32   •   4 replies, 284 views

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To become super human you desire, freak has you covered. I'm currently running 500mg of Test - 200mg of tren and 400mg of masteron. The results are nothing less than amazing. The fullness, hardness and density these provide are remarkable. All injections are clean as far as no pip or burning sensation during the process. Never broke out due to dirty oil either. Top notch products right here!


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  • ugfreak
  • 4 months ago

Awesome brother! Thanks for posting and for the reivew as well. Thank you for wanting to vote as well, got your message. Perhaps sometime you reach the karma enough to vote :) for now we appreciate everything else!

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  • dextetherdog
  • 4 months ago

Was always wondering what does letter U stand for, now I know lol thx

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  • bundlz
  • 4 months ago

Now how thats masteron im very intrested in everything of the masteron compound is it p or E dosage ? 200mg 1ml? I would play like 500 mg test 300 tren 300 mast then near the end dropping down the test a little bit upping up the mast

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Mast E 200