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TeamRoids Promo Touchdown!

Had a problem with a vial and they were so kind to sent another one even though it was promo gear and not paid stuff!

Para Pharma
3 x Long Stack 300
1 x Testo E 400

Already hit the first 1ml injection of long stack, clear liquid, zero PIP!

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Good luck with your cycle buddy. Para is Solid brand in all stuff I have tried funny enough I should hopefully be trying the long stack myself for my next cycle looking forward to it supposed to be potent stuff.

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Thank you man!
You should definitely try the long stack, I did a "blast" with it last year and had great gains at a low dose! Can't wait to see the results from this one!

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Everything I’ve tried by ParaPharma has been great with no PIP. Even their water based Winstrol barely has any PIP. Probably the best and most consistent brand I’ve ever used overall.