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+ 2 Touchdown from UGfreak promo


2 test, 2 superdrols, and 2 proviron. Already started on the proviron (50 mg/day) and superdrol (20 mg/day) and will take my first pin of test e (500 mg/week) on Saturday. Will update as I progress and can make a legitimate reviews on products! Thanks again, ugfreak.

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Must be nice I've been waiting since February for mine lol.

Glad you got it bro, enjoy and keep us up to date on your progress

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Your promo was lost and we reshipped it. It shows it landed in the US two days ago within the T/A. It should deliver soon.

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Mine got here surprisingly fast for a promo man. I was very surprised. Hopefully you get that td soon! ----

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I hope so bro, thank you! Glad you're gonna be looking good for summer bud. Have a great day

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The test and proviron treated me well. Haven’t tryed the Superdrol but if you can handle the toxicity the strength supposed be good. Have good cycle buddy.

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Thanks for the input brother. I usually handle superdrol pretty well but keep use of it pretty short term. I love it for a good kickstart! I’ll keep you guys updated.

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Would 20mg of Superdrol a couple hours before the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays be a good effective amount? What would expect to notice after a couple weeks of doing it that way?

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I have done oral and inject. I feel like the sd needs to build up in your system to see effects. Bu then you'll want to get off

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Thanks. I'll give it a go this way and see how I feel after a couple weeks. I'll be taking a low dose of NAC & TUDCA in the morning and in the evening as well.