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+ 6 Touchdown!!


3 weeks. From placing order to delivery. Thanks pmroids!!

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Nice order. A nice variety. Have you tried the primo yet? And pip?

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No pip is always a blessing

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Wasn’t aware ultima had 200mg primo. Nice.

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Yeah same, I wonder if there is any pip cuz all the other Ultima stuff I've tried has been pretty smooth and pip free.

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Hopefully pip free. Everything else I have tried has been

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I really like the intimate brand. It my absolute favorite. I’m about to stick up hard. Going to order GHRP 6 for
T hem too

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Peptides have fallen out of favor, for good reason, things like follistatin and MGF turning out to be absolute wastes of money. But I still see application for a select few peptides including GHRP6, glad you feel the same

@AirborneGrunt everything from ultima I have tried has been on point, happy cycling!

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