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  • stardustertx   •   Fri, Jan 15th, '21 18:11   •   3 replies, 140 views

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Toptrope 25IUx10 kit I just bought. My first GH and will be running for just HRT at 1.5IU ED. I've seen decent reviews for Toptrope but hadn't seen anything specifically for the 250IU kit. I will be doing blood work within two weeks and post back.


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  • Yukon Jack
  • 2 months ago

damn i didn't see the 250iu kit. are u gonna be pulling bloods with this or just running Hrt dose?

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Here's my results so far. I may increase to 3 IU Toptrope ed, and re-test in a couple of weeks. I will post a screen shot once my results get transferred from Quest Labs to my service provider. I welcome opinions on what the levels may show as far as the HGH quality. I'm afraid that my IGF-1 increase may just be from he testosterone alone.

Pre Program Levels (Before test or HGH)

Testosterone Total - 269 ng/dL
Testosterone Free - 54.4 pg/mL
IGF-1 - 142 ng/mL

Program so far

5 Weeks - Sustanon 300mg/wk split
4 Weeks - Toptrope hgh 1.5 IU ed

This Weeks Blood Work

Testosterone Total - 2097 ng/dL
Testosterone Free - 876 pg/mL
IGF-1 - 242 ng/mL
GH - 1.3 ng/mL
Z Score male - 1.2

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I'll be pulling bloods in a couple of weeks, and report back. I'm going to gauge this stuff for HRT.