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+ 7 Titans sale score


Stocking up on titans gear sale

Ordered from: 
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Nice order. Products are fire!

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Good symmetry
Gear looks nice too

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That Tren looks disgusting in the best possible way Smile

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Horrid stuff, I'll never touch it again... until next cycle

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Nice presentation

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Just showing off tha goods jus landed..
Thank you for providing the best gear over tha years

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You just posted this gear pic in a review. Which means you didn't run it yet. And the gear you reviewed was from a previous order. You should clarify that in your review.
Edit: this really isn't important. Your review is fine. This is just my opinion. all good.

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Yes, im not very good at reviews, why i never wrote one n never active. Just thought id make a account and throw up a pic of my recent grab. I typically just lurk thru forums to see what be crackin. Been gettin all my goods from unc for years with zero issues. Hes been holding it down and gots it --...

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I understand. It's all good. Your review looks fine to me. His gear is good I'm running some myself right now.

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You should speak with his manager Biggrin

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Let the manager know I didn't have my coffee and feel like being overly critical.

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Just finished running their primo was very impressed. Rhat tren Ace sure looks fire

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Just grabed some of his primo myself. At what dose did you run it at brother?

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500 wk for last 12 weeks I just finished this week. I really got some crazy veins in my quads and abs towards the end with noticable strength and fullness.

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Good to hear bout the primo. Will be first time im ever going to run it, they had it at a good price. still not sure when the best time for me to utilize in a cycle. Yea their Extreme tren is solid and real nice to mix in syringe with test to take it in one dab- damn tren cough hits me hard tho but my retard ass still loves the feels

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Run it AS a cycle, 600+ mg a week with whatever test dose you do. Some do trt dose with it and some gh. Nice “healthy” cycle. Run that bitch 12+ weeks if you can afford to. It’ll shine if you’re lean and going for looks rather than powerlifting or something

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Exactly what I would suggest, when I do run it, it's with a dose slightly higher than TRT.

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