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+ 6 Time to get back on the grind


After almost 2 months of doing absolutely nothing,no lifting at all and getting fat as fuck it's time to get back to it :)past Friday did an ultrasound scan to check the mesh and got the news am ready to go Smile

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What’s the plan of attack fella? Cut some fat away dieting then add back some muscle?

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Stay on cruise dose of test 175 pw for two more weeks clean up the diet and see from there what's going on lol, iam bloated as fuck due crap eating and doing absolutely nothing, just some moderate walks!!
Ps today was the first day back to lifting, chest and tris light weight for now, pump was unreal! I still have something left Smile

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Game on brother! Roll on the next photo upload looking big and lean!

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I sure will brother Smile

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Push through bro you will be back in no time! +

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Thanks broski appreciate it Smile

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Pray everything goes well, look lean to me bro

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Thanks buddy appreciate it Smile

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You don't look fat. I wouldn't even worry about body fat right now, I would focus on lifting and progressing slowly and safely.

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Thanks buddy, I will start light and go my way up, I will be good 2 go in a couple of weeks Smile

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You'll be back to swole in no time bro!

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Yes broski hahaha can't wait to be sore as fuck Smile

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Good for you al just ease yourself into it. ++

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Thanks brother I will go easy for a while, but even that I will start lift again its super Smile

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Wow Dude has that time passed already?!!

Bet the first session you have will be the Best feeling you've ever experienced especially afterwards - better than cumming!!! Lool