+ 2 The wheels and ab progress


That dragon pharma winny ain’t no joke.

This is a 12 week cycle of test prop, tren a, mast prop with winny added last 6 weeks

Of course with dieting and cardio

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Im interested in you writing down your diet.

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Seriously? This was a 12 week cut. I ate mainly chicken, rice, sweet potatoes and veggies. I’m a lean gainer so any diet and cardio and I shred easily.

I can give you my peak week meal plan and day of stage plan if you like

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What was your last name here?

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How much are you using?

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I was on 50mg for 5 weeks then 100mg for 1 week before my event/vacation. The 100mg really dried me out. But not dose I would run for long

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Definitely worked, 50mg is pretty normal tbh, but I agree that 100 probably isn’t sustainable for a long time

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Ya 50mg is what I usually run for all orals, but I noticed that stepping up Anavar or winny to 100mg for 1 week or 2 is still safe, but will really dial you in.