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+ 4 12 WEEK CUT


12 week cut. Never really realize how much you change until I actually took progress pics

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How about post the cycle and diet

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Whether its old pics or not still does not change the results of your work. But I do see how it can ruffle some feathers though. I just find it interesting your pics are raising red flags at with only 8 karma points, when " Bros" with over 450 karma points that are currently running/ reviewing/ posting in 3 different sources at the same time, on multiple promos and play super fan boy get up votes, good feedback/dialog.....but never seen a higher karma member or mod question about how he moves on here..

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Scammin the system wont work.

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I appreciate the’s more for someone who maybe looking for a 12 week cycle like mine, I would tell them what was involved. Not trying to fool anyone

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Re-posting the same pics from 8 mo ago. Is this even you.

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Nice catch

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No it’s not me. I just have a ton of pics of the person I am trying to pretend to be. No need to hate bro. I added more pics for you. Let me know if you want more.

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If you're gonna re-post old pics, don't try to pass it off as a recent cut.

And don't try to get into two promos immediately afterwards either.

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I review my purchases. Give cred. Support the sources that keep the site running. So what’s the problem?

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reposted old pix as new. Oh no....nope

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It's a regular catfish roast on here tonight.... second cold bust as I head off to dinner and movie... might save some popcorn and check back here later! Brutal on the front lines! Nice catches all, entertainment to say the least!

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How is it a “cat phish” when it is me? I’m pretty sure I never said hey guys these are pics from today.. clearly, it says 12 week cycle results

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you posted old pix to scam the system

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Ok then I’ll post some current pics…

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I’m a paying customer. I placed orders. Not sure why you are coming in here trying to stir things up. What did I do to you? I have actually placed many orders from both of the sources.

If you have nothing better to do then to hate then that’s on you: I help this site by supporting our sources, not just ride promos

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Excellent shape! plus 1

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Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks everyone!

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Solid work m8 good progress.

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Great job!