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Thank you Teamroids. Made a couple of orders through January promotion. Ordered testo e250 but received testo e400. I contacted them about it and they are happy to reship correct product.

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Thanks guys. Just received tracking number for my testo e250 so I think i will wait for it to arrive. Big thanks for Teamroids because they let me to keep the old order too!

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Can't beat Para pharma, my favourite lab. With my favourite proviron. Enjoy

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Para Pharma is great brand and teamroids are good and fair people. Does E 400 cause you pip or absorbability problems...?

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It's pip free for me if I hit my glutes. Delt and quad maybe some I'd guess but never tried a high mg product in those muscles.

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To be honest I haven’t tried it yet. Previously I had the same high concentrated test from different brand and the pip was horrible. That’s why I ordered 250 to try if it’s less painful. My bloods came back normal so I am planning to start cycle next week.

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