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Some sust to get things going here, stellar customer service, pharma product, and delivery time that would make a person think they're a block away. Thanks again, solid.

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Is the oil frome the sustanon aspen clear ore yellow?
The Original is clear because i buy the Original frome Bratislava.

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Omg !!! I wanna run this !!!

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I get a little bit of pip from it but i really love running it for my TRT.

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Sustanon for TRT my new favorite.

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With the amps I would do 1 every 10 days for my normal TRT purposes. Right now I have bumped it up to 1 amp every 7 days and I am on the very high end of normal but still don't need an AI. I don't want to be running a full blown cycle just yet so this is just kind of a mini-cycle but liking the results so far. Amazing what just a few hundred more ng/dl can do so no need to push it.

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yeah that is what makes is it a good ride for TRT I believe. I have also tried undec for trt which really seemed to be just the same as my test c but there is something about the little bump with the short esters in sust that just seem to make trt feel more vibrant while leveling it out with the long esters. I don't like sust much for cycling but for TRT it is my go to now.

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I don't split amps. With amps its all or nothing.

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I have used some pharma sust without any pip and some others like this do have a little for me but it is nothing that really bothers me since it is so slight and it works really good.

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That looks like fun!