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SP Labs TEST ENANTHATE - 500MG/Week - (split in four .5ml sub-c shots)
BALKAN Pharma ARIMIDEX - 2MG/Week - (split in two 1mg doses)
Purchased from roidbazaar.

BALKAN Pharma PROVIRON - 50mg/Day - (one week in)
Purchased from ashop 4-5 years ago before they re-branded, product expired.

Blood draw was 12 hours after my last shot for the week. 6 weeks in on the SP ENANTHATE - [S:019 EXP 01.2026]

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I don' t know if I have ever seen a number so high on only 500mg of test.

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+1 for bloods. Used before ashop always on point

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Proviron is great stuff. I like it for the reason I can run lower doses test and get the same results as higher doses test without all the sides and estro conversion. Those numbers are good like RH said test seems overdosed. Wonder if you did it IM would your numbers be the same?

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Your test results are overdosed ....near dr scalleys ideals of 500 = 5000. Boom!

But jeeezes the adex dose is massive. And provi to as another blocker and free test booster. Not bitchin.....just wonder if you convert so hard to need that big a dose, have you considered other options with low test?

Thinking outdide the box here....wheres the e2 results? Lower test...with higher other chem options?