+ 5 Test Enanthate/Nandrolone Decanoate Bloodwork


Edited on 3/20

Pmroids and I were going over this trying to figure out what happened and he had some of the ultima enan stock chemically analyzed. It came back dosed properly. The conclusion is I’m a low converter or receptor burnout. I’ve been off for a few weeks now and am hoping my next effort will show increased conversion.

So this is bloodwork from a week ago with unexpectedly low total testosterone :(

I feel great, workouts are good and I’m close to the best shape of my life. I’m curious as to what’s going on and if anybody could chime in with advice or suggestions on helping low conversion rates it would be much appreciated.

The cycle has been going on for about 9 total weeks now and is as follows:

1000mg Ultima Pharmaceuticals Testosterone Enanthate
- 250mg EOD Injectioms at 6-7pm after shower

500mg Ultima Pharmaceuticals Nandrolone Decanoate
- 125mg EOD Injections at 6-8pm after shower

5iu Godtropin HGH M/W/F before bed

40mg Dbol Ultima Pharmaceuticals 1 hour pre-workout
Alternated on workout days with 100mg Iran Hormone Anadrol

No AI regularly, only taken periodically if I get bloated and only 1mg Arimidex

Blood was drawn fasted approximately 16-18 hours after last injection.

The 4ish weeks before this was drawn were with Ultima from PM, before that a different supplier was used but vials were still branded Ultima.

The gear feels great, I’m crushing workouts.. Holding around 235-240ish and visible abs. My diet isn’t calories restricted, but it’s not a regular surplus. The past nine weeks have been good recomp progress.

Anybody have any info, advice, suggestions I could ponder on?

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The wild card tho. Every single one of us process test differently. It would probably take nearly a gram to get me to 3200 as well. I see your RBC goes fucked like mine as well

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Numbers seem way to ow I got that same result after 200mg week split into 2 doses. Only took 100mg of test e 24 hours before I pulled bloods

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FR sent sir, please could accept me and send me PM?

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Total test seems a bit low for that dose but the more frequent injections could be a cause. When i pin ED or EOD my levels come back lower than if i do E3D or E4D. Less peaks and valleys so you dont get that sky high total test, which keeps estro conversion down as well.

Randomly popping AI's seems like a good idea but whenever i do that it keeps me guessing, and on a bit of a roller coaster. Recently i have been running my test low enough to not need an AI at all (400ish) then adding in other compounds to compliment the test. Been working really well, not having to worry about estro is awesome. You have lots of options, but i would look to simplify things a little bit, more is not always better brother.

Good luck man

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When i pin ED or EOD my levels come back lower than if i do E3D or E4D


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More stable, peaks aren’t as high as individual doses are lower due to higher frequency to receive same weekly dose. Guys on TRT that pin once a week could have test levels at 500 or 1000 depending on when blood was drawn compared to last pin.

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But if you pin ed or eod, why should your test level be lower than with pinning e3d or e4d? This makes no sense...

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Sorry man i dont think i explained that very well. Here is an example with made up but relevant numbers

Subject 1
1g of test per week split up in 2 shots of 500mg.
Blood work taken every single day would show fluctuations, lowest total test reading could be 2500 with the highest being 5000. Jabbing 500mg of test in a single shot will spike your test very high which will then drop back down into a valley before your next shot.

Subject 2
1g of test per week split up in 7 shots of 142mg.
Blood work taken every single day would show slight fluctuations due to the consistent and even supply of test. Test numbers would have a much tighter spread, lowest 4000 highest 4500.

Due to the total amount of test taken being spread out evenly over the entire week you get less fluctuations. With that you get less estrogen spikes and less side effects due to more stable blood levels.

His test levels for 1g should be much higher than they are, i was pointing out his pinning schedule as a possible reason his estro is in range despite no AI.

Hopefully this makes sense.

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I did some more calculations using the steroid graph chart.

1g per week - 500mg every 3.5 days

Peak mg/day release 129 mg/day
Low mg/day release 81mg/day

1g per week - 142mg every day

Peak mg/day release: 107 mg/day
Low mg/day release: 99 mg/day

See how much tighter the spread is with more frequent injections? Also notice how the peaks arent as high and valleys arent as low?

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9 week cycle, 3200 level, yet you have normal estrogen? Retake the test no way on deca, and dbol as well that estro is under control. That would mean your gear has less than 200mg per

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I may just do that. I was honestly expecting total test to be atleast double what it came back as. The dbol or anadrol whichever I used the day of the workout wasn’t every day as I’m unable to make it to the gym. I frequently get stuck at work and have a commute to and from job sites so it’s not uncommon to miss a day of lifting and make it up the next. Very rarely will I ever have more than 2 days in a row where I am able to workout. Orals were only being taken pre-workout.

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Even taking dbol or adrol pwo should bump your e2.
Fastest way to increase estrogen is dbol. Check it again. Not for nothing I'm on the Ultima as well at 125 a week and nothing has changed as far as my libido and well being. Being on trt for 6 years now I would tell if something was wrong before my bloodwork
In no way am I taking away from your test. Possible bad batch, possible error in bloodwork. Only way to know is another test and don't change anything

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That does seem way off with dbol.

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1000mgs of test e conversion rate is 400mgs of estrogen and 100mgs of dht.

1000mgs of test e is only 700mgs of test and 300mgs of ester.

Your estrogen/dht conversion would be ridiculous.

Half life of drugs is key for stability.

Dbol and anadrol/ dht ( more conversion) are notorious for it ( my favourite oral combo)

Up, down, up, down.
By the time you take a dose the compounds are non existant, no build up.
Anadrol also interferres with pgr receptor it doesnt bind but it irritates it, that along with your deca that will also at one point in conversion bind to those receptors.

Then you whack in 1mg of arimidex at what ever point you feel like....

Then you have your hgh.

And your taboo usage.

Your on trt.

You blast and cruise year round.

I would dare point in the direction of fsh/ lh and hpta shutdown and adrenal, piturity amongst other things fatiuged.

Its easy to say underdosed gear but since 2011 i have yet to receive any.

In my opinion you should chill back from all the different drugs and have a bit of a reset.

I know you are t.r.t but honestly nolva and clomid therapy with a tad of aromasin would do you wonders.

This would be my advice.

After this reset get more bloods and see where you are at.

I generally dont comment in these sections but as my next big run with multiple compounds begins very soon with the same brand im intruiged.

Im on ultima test e right now and i cant stop cracking random boners and thinking about sex lol.

Valentines day was intense with the misses.

I will be running bloods a few times in the duration but ill be on daily tren ace shots which again will alter numbers.

Good luck..

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I appreciate your insight into this.

I think my system being fatigued may be the actual issue here. I was totally not expecting the results the come back like this.

Like you said about the ultima product I’ve been experiencing the same thing. I feel amazing, sex life is great. The fiancés always making comments about all she has to do is look at me and I’m horny.

The estrogen I’m lost on though. Have you ever heard of someone having their body adapt to long term steroid supplementation and their body creating a homeostasis type situation? I don’t know if that’s even possible and it’s beyond my scope of knowledge.

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Aromatise inhibitors, serms, suicide inhibitor.

Arimidex will do to your bloods what dbol and anadrol pre workout.

Sky high estro and aromatisation pop your 1mg arimidex rapidly kill it then rapidly rebound.

Up, down, up, down.

Im with brother mack above.

Change things and reset, get bloods again.

A.i protocol needs addressing.

Low and stable aromasin for you.

I reccommend the nolva and clomid therapy.

You can do this with your normal, typical trt dose.
Give that fsh and lh a zap back.

Good luck.

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My libido has also been good on it.
My next blast I’m also going to run this lab only and report back.

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Me too mate.
Ill def be posting up numbers and following.
Seems strange.
First time ive seen anything about that brand and the huge promos those guys do hundreds of dudes if not thousands would be jabbing it.
Everyone knows the shit storm of twigs and sticks i will bring if that was the case and i dont care who or where it came from.

Ive been quiet since family deaths plus injuries and things have changed.

I see shutdown from long term abuse plus a struggling body.

Hope you are well.

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Welcome back, keep your head up my man.

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Cheers mate! Im going alright.
Of course i just caught 12 indictables last week but besides that im going good with the misses and seem to think im going to be fine running tren starting march..... well see lol.
Talk soon

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Same to you, glad to see you back on the forum.

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Kind of surprised to see this although eod isn’t a gram. Still seems low though.
From what I’m hearing from friends the trens on the strong side.
Seems like your estrogen would be higher in that range especially taking dbol...

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the dbol is very good, I don’t know about the estrogen. I haven’t regularly used an AI for multiple years and I’m on trt due to being an idiot when I was much younger. My body doesn’t really get many negative estrogen side effects anymore it seems, but my conversion to e2 may just not be getting high enough.

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How is your e2 still normal without taking an ai regurarly when using all those "wet" compounds though...

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I guess the dosage just isn’t high enough to have a large excess of testosterone floating around to convert. Personally I think the hgh may help utilize the testosterone before it can be converted.

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Your test must be underdosed, even if you are not injecting one gram per week those numbers are not good.
You will probably have the best shape of your life+you are crushing your workouts because you are also using HGH+DBOL+Anadrol.
Everyone reacts different to roids and even reacts different to each new cycle, probably you are in the "lucky" cycle this time.
Btw, bro even only using 50mg Anadrol i feel like a god while training, using 100mg it is obvious for me that you will be crushing your workouts haha.

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I actually prefer the dbol as my preworkout, I tried 50mg of the anadrol before 100 and the effect (workout tempo/intensity and strength) was way less than to dbol. The anadrol definitely pushes blood into the right places though. Whatever body part I’m training (I do chest/legs/shoulders/triceps due to tearing my supinator muscle in my right arm late last year and it still not being 100% so I avoid biceps and back which always uses biceps to a degree) definitely swells up like crazy.

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Obviously your test is way underdosed, +2 for sharing

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250mg eod = 875mg/wk

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Bloods always get a +1, just watch that liver my bro.

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Yea no kidding. My job is taxing physically too and I have a habit of taking ibuprofen to cover the aches and pains. I’m just gonna have to lay off any type of oral for a while.

I take a bunch of vitamins and crap, would those also stress my liver due to how they’re processed?

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I keep it simple with milk thistle, and the jury is even out on that. Tudca is recommended, but I'm not positive about that either. But I stay far far away from any OTC pain relief or anti-inflammatory. Think about it, if you had a bottle of anadrol, a bottle of dianabol, and a bottle of Tylenol, which one is a guaranteed fatal overdose if you take the entire bottle? Best wishes bro.

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I usually take fish oil, b12, glucosamine, and vitamin c

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I'm pretty close to that,
Fish oil, B6 (for prolactin when I run deca), tumeric, and milk thistle. How's that glucosamine work for you? I understand it's a you respond well or not at all supplement? I'd like to give it a go.

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My fiancé got me taking it when I complained about my elbows hurting, it’s improved them some.

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+2 for bloodwork

3200 for 1g of Test a week is low even if you convert poorly, do you have other past bloodwork with same issue?

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What about for 875mg/wk average? Since it’s EOD, he’s getting 875mg, not 1g.

Definitely not being a smart ass, just curious if it still seems low to you?

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Didn’t take it like that at all man, yes at that dose it’s still on the low side but everyone’s numbers are different obviously there’s test there and he’s feeling good but would expect higher numbers no doubt.

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To be honest I haven’t done any in a couple years and I didn’t run dosages as high then.

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No worries just trying to see if you know from the past you didn’t convert well.

Thanks again for the bloodwork love to see it