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Excellent Source - This is my 1st time orderering with SUPPDIRECT and I am Very Happy with all Products and Outstanding Service.

Fast, Discreet, Reliable, Professional, Neat, Tidy...Perfect!

Been 'off' for a good while now so ive been looking for a decent, reliable source.
I choose SUPPDIRECT as they have great ratings and for good reasons - Top products, delivery and communication.

No pip in Glutes - Im yet to pin Delts, Good Quality Clean and Clear Oils, No Sides, Very Smooth, Foiled Pharma Tab strips.
Very Impressed that ALL Test Vials are from the same Batch with same MFG Dates and Expiry Dates and Codes Verified.

I Feel Great, Lifting good with good energy levels throughout the day and getting good sleep.

I will update Picture quality and setting for a clear image when i get time

  • I Would highly recommend this source!