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Test C stockpile


Stocked up!

Ordered from:
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Verified source here and sst

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Info on the case: ink craft storage case on Amazon

Also, sewing thread case organizers work.

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Where did you get the case from?

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Like the case !

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You buy that with change stolen from parking meters there bubbles?
You read forum rules before posting or are those glasses too thick?

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Kitties got in the way.

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Ha! Nice.
But you actually can't post a pic of gear from an unverified source.
It's against the rules

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So if the kitties take out the source, it's ok to post my stash?

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Lol, that'd be a question for the mods.
Most likely you'll just get negged for a while until someone removes it for you. Sources need to be verified so people aren't recommending some hobo selling dumpster juice, or a scam..among other things I'm sure. I'm not a mod.

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That's a nice box.

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Can’t post pics of unverified sources-

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great stockpile!

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