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TeamRoids Promo 52 Gear


Was very fortunate to hop on TeamRoids Promo 52! I was sent 3x Para Pharma Trenbo E 200mg/ml products and a complimentary Para Pharms HCG 5000iu kit WITH bacteriostatic water. Shipping was very fast for non-domestic and it arrived in 24 days when order was shipped. I think it took a total of 30 days from order to delivery so pretty good! Especially during COVID. Shipping was discrete and the oils were wrapped very nicely to ensure no damage. Beautiful Tren color too!

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Not sure why picture is turned... Sorry about that guys. Tried to re upload however the website keeps turning it. :(

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Turns my pics upside down all the time Lol

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HAHA I spent a good 15 minutes checking my picture to make sure it was fine and retrying.... Finally just gave up.