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+ 6 TeamRoids Para EQ


TeamRoids didn’t play around with this Para Pharma promo. Two weeks to the door. I’ve used lots of TeamRoid product over the years and I’ve had nothing but positive results. Going to be running the EQ alongside a low dose Test E for 12 weeks. Hoping to squeeze some lean low side gains to start the year.

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Some para goodness

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You take Boldenone itself or you couple this with a Test C

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Running some Test E alongside. Starting really low but will adjust if I’m not seeing the results im anticipating.

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It states on his "pic description" up top....he will be using EQ with a low dose test e for 12 weeks.....

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Looks good. Hope it treats ya well Carlos +1

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Top quality lab for sure. I try not have a favourite anything but PP could be mt all time favourite.

Enjoy sexy!

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Definitely a solid reputable lab for sure

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How much will be your test dose and Bolde ?

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Will run a 250mg a week Test E and 600mg EQ. Low end for EQ but I’ll be focusing on a high volume low intensity program to harden things up.