Team Roids gear


Ordered from Team Roids-
1×Paratrophin 100iu 10×10iu Para Pharma
1×D-Bol 10mg 100tabs Para Pharma
1×Tri-tren 150 Dragon Pharm 10ml
1×Tren 100 Dragon Pharm 10ml
1×Undecanoate 250 Dragon Pharm 10ml
3×Test-E 250 Para Pharma 10ml
1×Cialis 20mg 50tabs Para Pharma

Ordered from
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thanks for sharing buddy

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Nice gear i order thru a friend from this site great gear ! Im putting my own new order in soon.

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I don't know why it doesn't show whole picture. I'll have to fix later. Kinda in hurry. Sorry for pic.

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