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+ 4 Sunday food prep


Little grilled chicken and rice + extra protein.

Edit: I know this isn’t a “self shot” but I can’t figure out how to post a pic in a post (in diet and nutrition forum)

I tried ![](imgur link) but it doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

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This looks beautiful.Im having chicken gumbo tonight will post pics later on when its done. Looks very appetizing my friend

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Looks good. I'd add asparagus and some peppers maybe pineapple. Some color is needed but damn I'm hungry. Love the glass containers I have similar ones but my lids aren't dishwasher safe. Gotta read the fine print damnit when you buy them. I have some that have one divider and some that have two as well as single compartment ones like those.

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My wife is good ab buying shit I never knew I couldn’t live without. I was running around w some mismatched Tupperware that was 20 yrs old. She’s like nah boo, treat Yoself! Lol!

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I need one of these Women creatures you keep talking about - I need a clean and functioning home again and someone to cook nice meals after training LMAO

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Oh, they’re handy. My one piece of advice on the female piece would be marry your best friend. Our marriage is really light and stress-free.She and I talk shit to each other all day and have fun just living. Also, you’ve always got ass at home and don’t have to go out to the bars to pick up girls to get laid. Lastly, my wife is an amazing cook so I stay grubbing. She isn’t gonna clean for shit though. I got her a cleaning lady for Christmas lol.

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Yes! I agree. I married my best friend and things couldn’t be any better. 100% Italian woman and a dime piece. Plus she cooks every night, homemade healthy meals. For breakfast on the weekends if I’m off work she makes me “eggs in a hole”, toast and bacon. She has done this for the last 3 years. Usually u have to work on a relationship, with her it comes natural. Like OP said.. marry your best friend

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Yes sir. We try not to take life too seriously either. Another big piece I think is we don’t tell each other what to do or try to control one another. If I want something I go buy it, same for her. There isn’t any bickering or petty arguments about money. I know how to make money so $ isn’t ever a factor or point of contention in our marriage.

We also take care of and spoil one another. Twice a year I take her to town and we go purse shopping. She can have anything she wants at anytime, but the point is that specific day is blocked off and specifically all about her. She knows she is appreciated and she reciprocates by bringing peace, stability and love into our home.

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Just a quick note: this obviously doesn’t include veggies, supplements etc. it’s not “everything” I eat in a given week. Just a quick pic I took of prepping part of this weeks meals last night.

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Looks good! Makes me hungry!

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The best food prepper is a insta pot. 100%.

I put uncooked chicken (or any other meat), potatoes, veggies and some spices.. then push a button. It’s all cooked and stays warm all day. I can make all my meals in about 10 minutes. It takes about 45 -1 hour to cook. And the meat is tender and falling apart.

Get one, you will agree. Everyone on a diet should have one..

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Looks interesting - So you just literally throw all the food into that chrome bowl and then cook for 10 minutes do you? Whats an example of say a chicken and potatoe dish you do?

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It’s well worth the $80. I literally just cut up a few potatoes, throw in two bags of chicken, some green beans. I also add either chicken or beef broth. I then throw in any spices or sausage ( get creative).. and push the start button.

2 hours later it’s all cooked and I scoop and weigh out my meals. Also the insta pot keeps your food warm for as long as you want. So my food stays warm all day- no need to microwave.

My wife makes mashed potatoes in 15 minutes with it.

Great investment

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Cooked the rice in the pics in our instant pot. Definitely agree they are convenient as hell. We have the air fryer attachment I like doing shrimp in it. Makes them delicious!!

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Smart man

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So 1 egg meal & 4 chicken meals. Id like to see some shrimp or fish thrown in there.
I also like the glass containers. Goodluck man. Keep up the good work

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Yea for sure, I spice it up. This Sun I was just kinda pressed for time and this is what I had at the house. Also, this is only a couple days of food. End of the week I’m sure I’ll be tired of chicken and throw some salmon or sword fish steaks on the grill. I also like quinoa to keep from getting burned out on rice.

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Not sure what ur diet is, maybe u can clue us in? It looks like a 450cal meal.. macros being 40%protein, 50%carb, 10%fat.. ???????

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Breakfast is usually a bacon and egg bowl.

Cup of rice is 44g carbs/4 protein. 8 oz of chicken which is 70g protein/8g fat. 582 cal per container.

I’ll have one of these late morning prior to working out then a 2nd early afternoon post workout. I’ll also eat 8oz of chicken late afternoon and then another 8oz again in the evening (no carbs after ab 14:00 as I’m currently in a pretty serious cutting phase). I respond really well to keto but the carbs before/after training help keep it on track.

Couple Isopure shakes thrown in there to make sure I’m getting nutrients every 3 hours.

Macros work out to to 67% protein (430g), 19% fat (56 grams) and 14% carbs (94g).

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Very simple and nice glass prep containers.. drizzle the rice with lemon juice.. really good.. Is that about 200grams of rice per container? +1