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+ 7 someone with good cholesterol good problems? how do I increas it


Last year after cycle of Trenbolone Hex, my cholesterol good for some reason drops alot under the normal ranges, I focus on pull it up before starting again cycle, I think good cholesterol is very important, drop bad cholesterol is more quickly, but climbing our cholesterol good, takes time, very important for many factors we all know, like a cardiac problems and others, I was only in trt These pass 4-monts, I did the following protocol of supplements and foos help with raise good cholesterol,

daily 1 capsules of 500mg of niacine and 10 mg Gw before workout,

Food help raise good cholesterlol
1 tablespoon each meal of coconut oil organic as USE of cooking
1/2 of almonds with any meal daily
2 big avocados with meals
For dinner cook salmon every day
Just 35 min 4 o 5 times a week,my bad cholesterol was 140 before and drop to 115 too

do not eat a diet that is totally clean, weekends ate hamburgers or pizza, I hope this helps if someone has the same problem I had

I was using 1 cc of test E 250mg a week, I applied it on Thursday, and I did bloods next monday.

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What brand of test were you using

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Thanks for testing +2

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I hope some people help, I think niacin and GW helped a lot, GW works gave me more condition

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I take 500mg of niacin twice a day and I also take policosanol 20mg a day.
I used gw 20mg a day last year and it helped my cholesterol ratio, but it makes me nauseous after taking it for a couple of weeks so I can only take it 2 weeks at a time, but it most definitely helps. Also berberine helps me with my cholesterol.

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500mg of niacin twice no is to much for side effects a read some about, never try policosanol and berberine need try it too, i used GW 20mg a day too and feel the nauseous before eating :/ so i drop 10mg GW a day and feel better try 10mg a day @Geo

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When talking about niacin we are talking about nicotinic acid for controlling lipids not flush free versions such as Inositol hexanicotinate and nicotinamide which have not been shown to have any beneficial effects on lipid parameters.
"Niacin (nicotinic acid) is the most effective agent available for increasing high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol." While statins have are better than niacin at lowering LDL niacin is better at raising HDL. It's why doctors prescribe it to go along with statins in some patients. When you say you would not do it at 1000 mg due to side effects I'm assuming you talking about some reported cases of hepatotoxicity. Studies I've looked at show it is very rare and happens with newer prescription niacin extended-release (NER) formulations (Niaspan®, Abbott, Abbott Park, IL, USA). the biggest reason someone stops using niacin is the flushing not hepatotoxicity.
I've tried every Statin know to man to control high lipids. I stopped taking statins as I could not take the numerous side effects. I now personally take 1000 mg a day of niacin with no hiptotoxicity. SloNiacin is the brand I use 500mg 2 times a day. It works. if your taking niacin and want to lessen and shorten the duration of the flush take a 325 mg aspirin 1/2 hr before your dose. It helps but don't take my word for it just read below. All I can do is lead you to the water. It's up to you to decided if you want to take a drink.

The facts behind niacin

Niacin: a re-emerging pharmaceutical for the treatment of dyslipidaemia

Cardiovascular disease risk reduction by raising HDL cholesterol – current therapies and future opportunities

The mechanism and mitigation of niacin-induced flushing

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Once I had the same prob:

  • 1g Vit C twice daily
  • 200mg Q10 daily
  • 5g Omega 3 Caps twice daily
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I like this protocol

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Yes!!! Beat me to it. For anyone curious on possibly the best Fishoil with highest concentration of EPA/DHA, higher than the one prescribed by the prescription by far and third party tested for heavy metals use this one. My lipids look phenomenal on it.

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How much you use per day jp ?



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I take 2 tsp morning and night and gives me a true 7g of Epa/DHA which is ALOT. Research shows high omega 3 consumption helps with muscle recovery, lean muscle muscle growth, and most importantly lipid health. Mines been looking fantastic. Ldl I control with soluble fiber consumption and for the Hdl and Triglycerides and insulin sensitivity the high dose fish oil I am using. Always look at the EPA/Dha #s never the total on the bottle. Minimum you should get in omega 3 Epa/Dha for overall health is around 3.2g. Most pills from your local supp store you will need to take about 8-9 pills to equal what this company gets in a tsp. At 7g of Epa/on cycle you will see a very big bump in a positive direction on your lipids. But don't take my word brother try it ;-)

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I take Vit C too and omegas, but not Q10 where u buy it?
I will try to eat foods and supplements help, keep good cholesterol levels good, because it is very important, a good way to help avoiding cardiovascular problems

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It's CoQ10 and you can get it at any pharmacy or amazon.

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I go order some bro Smile im ready, juice time =D.