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  • RVWolf   •   Mon, Feb 12th, '18 07:55   •   4 replies, 622 views

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I have decided to post a recent picture of myself and talk a little about myself.
I am 46 years old, in sports I have a past of bike racer, 4 hours per day of training,
around 700 km per week (weight 73 Kg) and I wasn't really interested by this kind of physique
until recently (now 95 Kg). I have started training for muscles since 3 years, because I consider
that I don't have much time left, I started to use AAS since the beginning and I am also under TRT.
When I have decided to start for muscles training, I was in a very bad period, drinking and smoking,
AAS were really helpfull to realize that I have to quit with that. I have always trained alone.
For the muscles I am mainly training with military press and bench press, a little pulldown exercice
but limited to 60 Kg, because I train at home. My main concern is to become bigger and at the same
time to maintain a good cardio level. Finally, I am having fun with this new physique. Thank you.


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  • Dextermorganlv
  • 1 year ago

Great work
Im 45 and am still building mass and getting lean. Its the fountain of youth buddy!

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Thank you for you support, much appreciated. I am slowly reconsidering my impatiens to grow by a more steady approach.

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  • Sam I Am
  • 1 year ago

You’ve got plenty of time left. I’m still makeing gains. Watch what you eat and keep your workouts simple and heavy. Avoid machines. Good luck

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Thank you for your reply. Wish you good luck too !