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-5 Self Shot 08-2020

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Shredded bro!

In a promo × 1
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Be honest, if he was a hot chick would you guys act this way?

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Yup I seen em do it.

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Id bang him

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-2 inactive af and you post this? prove us wrong bro and ill give you some karma, write on a paper eroids and todays date with the same guy in the photo

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Been here since Feb 2019 and have 0 friends 0 forum posts and 0 comments. This is the first thing you ever post?? Lol

I’m calling bullshit. -2 until you prove yourself.

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The dude last week just took his down lol.

Owes a Review × 1
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Lol saw that

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You’re getting it dude! When things don’t add up chances are it’s fake. Nothing wrong if you actually think it’s fake to give them a - then ask to see proof, if they come through change it to +.

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wow..impressive great work man

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Another Calvin Klein ad lol.

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