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+ 1 Roid Test Oxandrolone


Anyone have any experience using these reagent tests? Bought this to verify oxandrolone. Not sure if the pink color from the tablet is giving off a weird readout or if it’s just not oxandrolone at all. Any input is appreciated!

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Roidtest is a garbage company. They sell products with no proof that their products work as claimed. They don't have any independent studies. There are a lot of posts on various forums about people complaining about inaccurate results. Send your gear to a lab for testing if you want the peace of mind. Throw your Roidtest kit out. It will drive you crazy. You won't know what gear is real or fake due to the widely mixed results these kits produce.

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The damn problem is it’s so hard to get this gear tested properly. It’s a pretty huge run around and leaves 95% of the stuff we get untested. It just sucks wish was something more convenient. Also I have to say I disagree with any results from at home kits. They have to many variables that can go wrong.

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This is very true. I’m sending this var off to a lab to be tested currently. Some might think it’s overkill but I’m going to be sure it’s real before I use it. Point blank. I’m past the point in my life where I will use my body as a science experiment. I’m on Dr prescribed TRT and I want to use some very mild fun stuff to just have a little fun while still having my bloodwork monitored by a professional who I’m transparent with etc. I’m spending almost as much as I paid for the product to ship it off to a lab to be tested now. $120 for the test plus I have to ship it over seas and wait 4-6 weeks for the package to arrive and get tested. I’ll go to that extent though to be certain. I’ll post the results once I have them and until I do I’m not taking the var. I trust this source or I wouldn’t buy from them but I’ve bought from top sources before and they literally started selling oil to people and disappeared. This was many years ago but it has happened and I had no clue what I was injecting myself with. Not playing the guessing games anymore and hopefully my efforts will help others. You can definitely get a test online though to make sure your mdma doesn’t have fentanyl in it though easy lol.

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Var is the worst thing to test with these types of products. The amount has to be exact and I mean exact or the result will be useless. Been there and done that. These tests are worthless for var.

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+1 for testing!!

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This is off topic, but I gotta tell you; your avatar pic & birth year are fuckin magnificent.

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Thanks for the info! I was pretty skeptical of these results. This confirms they are pretty trash.

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Noexcuses domestic source. I have read good things obviously but just wanted to do some due diligence of my own before taking it. Im on TRT from my doc but wanted to throw something fun in for a couple months.

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No excuses is a reputable source. My bet is they are real

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Many things can throw off the at home roid tests, color binders, and other things. They are not a proper way to test and verify things.

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Thanks for the info. I think the pink dye threw off the reagent test. It is from a top source, I just am overly cautious these days.