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+ 6 Retest of igf 1 and HGH levels


Used 6 iu of his yellow tops 1 injection per day for 11 days. He wanted 15 and looking through some threads other people did 21 days before testing. Reason being I wanted to inject on Sunday so I could do it 24 hours prior to blood draw as I have Sundays off, plus I didn’t want to wait another week. I also injected 3 hours before blood draw to test for HGH level as well. Igf1 came back at 400 even and HGH at 3.5. I was miss informed about the timing of HGH injection. After further research HGH has a half life some where between 11 and 31 minutes. National institutes of health has a range of 20 to 30 minutes for exogenous HGH which this clearly was. With a mean on 25.7 minutes after repeated exposure. So given a half life of 25 minutes 3 hours later one would have around 46 thousandths of HGH (.046). So that would explain the normal range for the HGH at 3.5. From what I gather testing would have to soon follow injection which I did subconsciously in the abdomen 3 hours and 5 minutes prior to blood draw. Posting this for the community so they may be better informed from my first test. And also not to harm suppliers reputation. I think level is ok for almost 46 year old man after 11 days after looking at I think it was mega T’s lthread of HGH testing that he put on on previous post compared to other tests at various levels and time frames compared to mine.

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thanks for testing

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maddogg what actual happens when HGH has been injected has been shown in numerous clinical studies. That is where the 3 hr injection time comes from. I left a link. It's also possible 3 hrs was to short it was still rising. +1 for testing

At least now you know it's not all bad. Rookie mistake your timing was off. Also notice that after injection IGF-1 fell lower than at start (pg 609) on pharma grade hgh. Your IGF-! went from 287 to 400. Also notice that your IGF-1 is almost the same as someone who did 19iu of pharma hgh.

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Ok thanks, so looking at the graft HGH peeks around hour 4? Glad it appears to work as well as Pharma as his is affordable, would run Pharma but expense to run it on a consistent basis is just not a financially viable option for me. Product seems clean if that makes sense, no welts or pain or condensation in vial and good negative air pressure so it is sealed well. Some other reviews of other products mentioned some of those issues even though they liked results

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Between 3-4 hrs. The 10iu guys had a higher reading at 4hrs. The 19iu and 5iu were more level between the 3-4 hr mark.

If your going to use generic hgh you might to study it. Know what the difference is between 191aa and 192aa. HGH
The positives and the negatives.

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Both suppliers I have used state their HGH is 191 aa. They both came from the same region. Do you think there is truth in that advertising, or is there a good possibility it s 192 aa? Also, is there a way I could have it tested to determine the difference? I’m guessing you can’t with ordinary blood work. Like sending a Vial for testing, or is that prohibitively expensive?

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Ok I will. I remember from a while ago that eli Lilly and Genentech that Genentech had one more amino attached to it and it wasn’t the same as Lilly’s had at the time since they had the patent. I didn’t know they had different effects.

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GH occurs in a “pulse” my resting GH serum is normally > 0.1 ng/mL

3.5 ng/mL is showing an elevation (exongenous hgh)

We metabolize differently person to person

So when it comes to these synthetic proteins ....blood work can often be misleading in comparison to the “Quality” of the product being used

An actual test of the protein is always best vs serum

We learned this awhile back when doing actual lab test and serum comparisons

IGf-1 looks nicely elevated

This particular generic brand has been one of the few that has been consistent

Thanks for testing


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True HailRazor but not to sure about the HGH results.Good results on IGF-1.
HGH will always elevate HG serum at the 3-4hr mark. IGF-1 will reach c-max at the 7-8 day mark

pay attention to fig.1 and fig.2 of the study above. doses were 5 iu,10iu and 19iu

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Hey Mega
Good to see you man
It’s been awhile
Always liked reading and learning from your posts

I didn’t pay much attention to his previous posts....
What exactly is his complaint ?

@ 45 his IGF1 is 400 ng/mL using 6ius
Not bad
Sometimes a single dose or a split can effect that

I’m a smidge older and @ 6ius my average results are > 500 ng/mL

But I’ve got lots of blood work /brands to compare to

(6iu GH/IGF1 serum ex)

I’ve had lower results when adding certain drugs, (Tren A) etc......
Even had lower IGF1 results using 10+ iUs vs 6ius

So it’s not always linear (reverse feedback loop)

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What's up brother it's been a while.

I didn’t pay much attention to his previous posts....
What exactly is his complaint ?

He ran 5.2iu split in 2 injections(1 the previous night the 2nd 3hrs before the test). Then blood tested. Didn't give it enough time but he still scored 287 IGF-1 which was 71 above max reference range. Now he tested correctly and got 400. When you split it makes a difference.

The link shows that at a little under 19IU IGF-1 came in at 405-786 ng/ml on the test subjects (20-27yr)

Tren is always messing up blood tests.

Results can vary like a long day. Everyone's chemical makeup is different.

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Sorry about it being upside down again flipped tablet other direction and it still ended up up side down. First time I thought it was just because I hold my tablet upside down because I’m left handed.