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Another successful order from Titans and a sweet surprise
From the Titans team!

Ordered from: 
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Ohhhhhh snaps!!!!!!!

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Reb do me a favor and tag @titans in the photo so I can find this easily in a few weeks.

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We have a matching set!
Congrats on the win

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So is that chocolate or what?? Haha

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It is, I was considering protein bars but it's winter, time to bulk!

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You ship to Aus??

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Not something we can talk about here but no, you won't find many who do but there are a few who do and even 1 or 2 domestic

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Na.. I don’t have any issues getting it. All good. No chocolate bar and golden ticket for us then hahaha

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Another one!

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Solid order man. Congrats with the invitation +1

Owes a Review × 1
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Thank man

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Thanks bro Titans gear always on point

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That’s awesome! Nice order!