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Now I've received my nolva/tamoxifen so all the material to start my cycle will post the cycle in a couple of days for review and then a couple after start blasting!

The test E was a free promo so I couldn't leave with picking up some other vials :p. The deca is for further down in the future. Received it 3 days after it was payed and send out.

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The nolva is going to increase prolactin. You need an AI like aromasin or Adex + cabergoline or prami. Nolva may prevent gyno but you'll have high prolactin with out controlling your E2. That's gonna lead to a world of problems. Best get aromasin and caber!

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Thanks for the comment, I should have supplied you with the link to my previous image.
caber is something I do not have I'll look into it.

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no need to use caber unless you actually have high prolactin

keep e2 in check and youll be ok

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Alright thx !