+ 3 RaiseTheBar: Test E 750 / Primo E 750 Labs


Half way through a 20 week run of raisethebar.ws Test E 750mg/week, Primo E 750mg/week, and 12.5mg Exemestane EOD.

My t3 and t4 were a bit wonky and iron is just outside of the low range, but otherwise all is well.

This is definitely a feel good cycle so far with tremendous gains already. I’m excited to see the final results.

I’ll do another round of labs at the end and try to share.

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2910ng/dl on 750mg test, damn bro I wish I could share my androgen response genes but hey great bloods none the less! what are your free T levels btw? +1

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It’s typical for me to run around 3k at 750mg. I’ve been on Rx trt for a while and have to do 200mg For 800-1000. My bro is doing the same source and amount and testing 4K+. My free test was 638.

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maybe you could get away with dosing lowerr and adding proviron to free up alot of bound test to reap the benefits woithout having to pin 3ml

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That’s actually a solid idea. Thanks.

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Bloodwork is off the charts bro! Looks great!