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  • Robman040   •   Sun, Oct 7th, '18 21:00   •   2 replies, 466 views

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220 iu’s of sweetness. Ordered on a Monday and recieved Thursday. Answered any questions I had within a couple hours every time. Purchased 600 Iu’s from a highly rated source and the plan was to start the Q’s after those were finiahes off, but after each injection Im getting large, itchy, red welts. Going to dump that shit in the trash and start the Q’s tomorrow.


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  • 1 year ago

I know the exact brand ur getting that from and that sucks dude I'd be fucking pissed did u try pinning intro muscular, that's exactly why I don't order that brand if ur looking for some good generics man u got one there and it's do estic and shipped nice and wintery, theres been some really good generics lately two other that I can think of off the top of my head... Well good luck man and I'm glad u fianally got some good growth instead of that other crap ull enjoy those qs

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Enjoy man !!!