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Puretropin--ebc ready


Promo hit at same time as ebc announcement. Going to hit 4iu and bust butt. See what i can get done in 12 weeks.

Fast, discreet, tight package

Ordered from: 
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Just posted this for another guy but this could be you. I’ve got you and Bearded Muscle as two of my dark horses in the top 3

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Yeah buddy, let’s do this thing

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Wow good deals he's got keep us updated on what tops you liked better bro

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Good luck ya ole bastard Smile dont forget the oxygen tank

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Dont take this as an insult at 175 you could be the sleeper...not long ago that was what a pro weighed at your height.
I'm not gonna lie I'd love to see a senior win this...

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The scheduling doesnt line up on this one. I will be watching the diet threads and trying to get down about 20 lbs though.
I hope you put it on these kids...its a shame as high as the pot went theres not a seniors division .
Maybe you can find a show that lines up with this contest.

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Theres some pro level guys no doubt.

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Awesome bro! Good luck!

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Oh snap. Nice!!!!

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All the best for your prep, big man!'s picture

nice bro , very nice.

You stand behind there GH that says something, I'm gonna give Ironlion GH a try,

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X2, gonna give it a shot myself at 4iu/day.

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Be interested to see for sure, though from what I saw with your earlier tests I feel pretty comfortable taking the plunge. Appreciate your efforts testing on this bro.