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Puretropin--ebc ready


Promo hit at same time as ebc announcement. Going to hit 4iu and bust butt. See what i can get done in 12 weeks.

Fast, discreet, tight package

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Just posted this for another guy but this could be you. I’ve got you and Bearded Muscle as two of my dark horses in the top 3

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Humbled bro.... i will do my best to hit the marks

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Yeah buddy, let’s do this thing

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Lead the way bro!!

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Wow good deals he's got keep us updated on what tops you liked better bro

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Both bloods tested well. I will see how 4iu treats me and get new bloods. But with both colors testing well it would be hit the promo and flip the coin.

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Good luck ya ole bastard Smile dont forget the oxygen tank

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Cane and walker are ready to go. Folks look at me like im crazy with walker on treadmill. Lol

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Its gonna be a chore...thank you!

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Dont take this as an insult at 175 you could be the sleeper...not long ago that was what a pro weighed at your height.
I'm not gonna lie I'd love to see a senior win this...

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Not an insult at all. Rocked is rocked and being short definitely helps. I personally like the look of light heavyweight down to bantams. The guys keep a lot of the classic taper in those classes.

Im coming down from near 220 so im hoping for a good show. Not eating italian and mexican will be hard but im ready for it.

Wish you were in this too. Last ebc's had some of us older guys in there doing awesome. Gfit was always in top shape. A few others as well took high marks.

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The scheduling doesnt line up on this one. I will be watching the diet threads and trying to get down about 20 lbs though.
I hope you put it on these kids...its a shame as high as the pot went theres not a seniors division .
Maybe you can find a show that lines up with this contest.

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If this one goes well, i would assume that a winter bulker will be in the fall. Then theres plenty of time to plan or adjust.

Id really have to come in lean to seek a show. Anything's possible though.

Im not too worried about divisions. The young cats got the energy to pop into the top spots. Just means we all gotta focus harder. Theres some top notch members coming into this one that will certainly make the judges jobs hard. Anything that pushes the focus harder is always a good thing win or lose.

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Theres some pro level guys no doubt.

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That will make it fun!

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Awesome bro! Good luck!

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Thanks bro!

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Oh snap. Nice!!!!

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Going to bust ass....

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All the best for your prep, big man!

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Pulling up all the stops. Hope to do well!'s picture

nice bro , very nice.

You stand behind there GH that says something, I'm gonna give Ironlion GH a try,

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The bloods are coming in good. Only way to keep sources honest is more and more bloods being posted.

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X2, gonna give it a shot myself at 4iu/day.

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Hopefully i can get bloods at 4iu as well. I definitely should to see where all my levels are on this run.

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Be interested to see for sure, though from what I saw with your earlier tests I feel pretty comfortable taking the plunge. Appreciate your efforts testing on this bro.