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Trying to dial in my TRT cruise dose before next blast. This is 8 weeks of 250mg a week on PAs Test Enanthate. I'm open to criticism. I'm also concerned about my SHBG being super low, if thay was higher I think my test and free test would be even higher than 1500 and 500. Implement HCG? Nolvadex ? To fix SHBG... and then drop test to 175mg a week. I'm content being at 1000ng/dl on TRT/Cruise.. thanks for the help fellas, and thanks for the quality gear eighty7.

I did donate blood after this as well

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NO NO NO!!!! Buddy, you want a lower SHBG. A lower SHBG means more usable testosterone for building muscles. Higher levels of SHBG in the body can result in lower levels of free testosterone, leading to several side effects, including:
Reduced bone and muscle mass
Fatigue and decreased energy levels
Decrease in endurance
Potential Impact on bone health
Increase in body fat
Hormonal imbalance
Liver disease
Decreased sex drive
Erectile dysfunction

Lower SHBG levels can enhance bodybuilding results by increasing free testosterone.
However, excessively targeting SHBG reduction is a mistake.
SHBG serves as the foundation for hormonal optimization, so BALANCE is essential!!!!!!!!

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I was under the impression lower SHBG more Testosterone I'm pinning can't be used, just free floating androgens

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The opposite.

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Looking good buddy apart from needing to do a blood drop Good

Did you happen to do any labs at the end of your last cycle to see a comparison at all?

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Also 1st labs ran

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I donated blood the next day Smile

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