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I did a 12 week cycle of testosterone cypionate, masteron enanthate and DHB. I dosed each of the products are 300mg per week. I split my dosages up between 3 injections per week. The first picture is pre cycle and the last two were in my final week of the cycle. In the first picture I had size but no definition.The last two show my that I was able to do a solid body recomposition.

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You got huge!!!

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After my bad breakup I finally got motivated to hit the gym hard again. Nothing like being single again.'s picture

Looking beast Achak , good to see you back .

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I've been lurking around. I'm trying to be more active. I've been on a big video game kick lately.

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What kind of weight change did you see from this cycle? Obviously the recomp worked well!

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I went from 208lbs to about 204lbs. I lost a little weight which was expected. I felt I achieved my goal of replacing the most of the fat loss with muscle gain.

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You don’t need a lot of gear to cut when you’ve spend years building a solid base.

Good effort mate ++

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I'm going to be 42 soon. My days of high dosages are long over. I find I get solid results at lower dosages with less negative side effects. My main concern at my age is my blood pressure.

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Ya know mate I've really been working on mine lately and just a few supplements and the occasional med when I feel like it have really changed things. On big test, tren, npp & Dbol I actually was reading 118/67 the other day, unheard of for me. That is taking 2g Cod Oil, 1g potassium powder & 2.5mg Bisoprofol E3D. Without the Biso its 125/72.

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Do you have a script for Biso? Tjose numbers are great. I wish I could get mine that low. I've always have higher than normal BP even when not on gear. I think it's genetic since it has been an issue for as long as I can remember.

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Yeah I do bud, didn't tell them I wanted it for high BP from roids though Lol I found a place also online thats really good and legit for meds that do various brands of it also if getting a script is tough for you.

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Nice job bro. Did you use the DHB from alpha wolf. I saw that one brewed at 200mg/ml. I was wondering about the PIP on that. I was thinking about trying DHB on my next cycle

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I've only done alpha wolf's DHB 100mg/ml. I've done 200mg/ml from other labs and the PIP was horrendous. I have what I consider a high tolerance for PIP so for me to complain about it says something

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Got gnarly man!

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Damn that’s a nice recomp! Never heard of alpha wolf labs..

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Are they even on here?

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I submitted them yesterday. I've been using them for about a year.

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Looking Great bud Smile

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Leaned out real nicely Brother. Looking great for the 40 plus club. Millennials can't keep up. +

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Thanks bro. It definitely doesn't get easier as we get older. I take pride in the fact that I look better than most guys half my age.