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+ 4 Professional photographers can make you look much more amazing than a mirror selfie shot


33 years old, 8% BF, 500mg Test E, 50mg Var daily, and 300mg Masteron Enanthate.

Pic taken at end of cycle. My favorite "mild" recomp stack

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Very cool photo! However, personally, I really don't like the huge orange oval on your face. I think without this figure on your face, the photo would look many times more interesting! I also don't really understand why you hide your face, I'm sure no one will judge you for your appearance. The photographer who photographed you did a good job! By the way, have you ever wondered how difficult it is to work as a professional photographer? Of course, getting into good selfie poses is one thing, but creating perfect angles for photos is quite another. The photographer must understand the situation around and understand where a person will look best. I think being a photographer is really more difficult than it seems.

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Great conditions mate!

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Looking good but this isnmore of a picture for the women. JFWY.

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haha aren't all shirtless pics for the ladies

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Looking pretty