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+ 2 Primo and Sustanon 250.


Fore arms are coming in nice. I will add a couple different body parts later today. I’m on week 5 of 500 mg Primo Pharmacom and 750 mg Sustanon. I’m gonna go back down to 500 Sustanon ina couple of weeks. Starting to notice some vascularity. This is my first run with Primobolan. So let’s see

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Looking good, just ordered some of that primo and test E and anavar, Good results, what’s your diet like?

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Lame pic but nice combination. No more arm pics

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Ummm.....nice forearm I guess.

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Anymore pics ?

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This site frowns on single body parts. Post up a proper body faces

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If a chick just posted her butt or breasts I bet nobody would complain....; )