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+ 15 Post cycle


I took 600mg Dragon Pharma Test E, with 600 mg pharmacom labs masteron E. Front loaded with DP Dbol 25 mg and took an hcg shot every 3 weeks 500 mg. This was an amazing cycle. My strength went thru the roof and it tightened up my stomache nicely. I would def recommend

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Looking freaky chief! Good work

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Keep killing it bro+

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+1 shredded

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Looking great man, contest ready. + from me

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Lean af brudda. Abs for days great job man ++

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Badass bro! +1

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Your ripped.

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Lets hear about your diet

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I love overnight oats +1

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What was ur starting weight and post cycle weight, and calorie intake, along with macros? Very impressive bro big +!!