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+ 3 pre cycle


Just started test C winni cycle hoping to get a little beef and stay tone.

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What up brother... Plus 1 man... Ready for my wedding next weekend

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Hell yes i might be down early for a good workout if possible

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Looking really good brother! Nice structure and foundation! I love doing reverse grip barbell rows for lat thickness and width. Hope this helps. Keep us updated with progress pics. +1

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Will do thanks man!

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Any advice on the back i struggle to put On thickness

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I love deadlifts and heavy rows. Train back twice a week. Do horizontal pulls one day and vertical pulls the next. I've noticed with rows that if I use the cables and do one side at a time I can focus on the contraction much better. Pull and make yourself thick as possible with each rep. If you recover quickly do a full back session twice a week.

I did deadlifts twice a week for awhile and it changed my whole back.

You look good man. Great starting place for some supps.

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Thanks bro ill start the one arm cable row in the morning.