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Pm came though


I ordered Pharmaqo proviron NPP and Pm asked what I would like for the promo. I mentioned test 400 would be great. Although they meant to send the test 400 the shipper accidentally sent tri tren, I informed the rep I don’t mess with tren and he (immediately) had them send me the 400. I gave the tri tren to a friend and
Am Very pleased with these guys. They went above and beyond

Ordered from: 
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The pharmaqo gear is pretty fucking good man, and it looks amazing, I picked up a bunch of the primo I can't wait to run that stuff

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Enjoy your products brother! Sorry for shipping warehouse mistake :(

Thanks for your sharing short story and products pics.


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Gave your friend some free tren lol..nah bro make him work for it. Clean the gutters lol

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Haha it’s not the first time I gave tren away.... last time it was 30ml of hex that was supposedly really good. O well I’m a nice guy

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Nice order.

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Thanks Sam! Merry Christmas!
Hows things in your world bro?

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Snow storm tonight and I’m caring for two relatives. Still training though..

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Keep us updated. Test npp is a fun ride

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I will forshure I plan on running these at 400 per week with tc at 250

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Im sure its gonna be fun!

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Glad to see u back rusty