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+ 2 Pics end of May to today


For over the last 10 years I have only run para pharma from ugfreak. Started hgh 3 months ago at 3.3iu a day. Started running test e 500mg, tren e 400mg and mast e 400mg 5 weeks ago. I have put on 14lbs from 206 to 220 since starting the hgh. The pics in the blue tank are from the end of may. The pics of the white tank are from this week. The last pic was the end of January after taking a year off of working out and no gear. I was 265lbs in that pic.

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Thanks for your loyalty throughout the years brother. It's a pleasure having you as a customer and we appreciate the constant support, pics you share, bloods, reviews, posts... SOLID WORK!

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Looking strong af

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Good shit bro keep it up

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That's solid man! Even the hgh alone seem to be doing the good job, right?

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Most of my weight gain was from before the test, tren and mast. Now I am just getting strong as can be.

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Good size and a nice jump in weight.