+ 15 Physique update


Things have been going good

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Tony Ducks's picture

Awesome symmetry, delts popping, chest looks skinless lol. Good work bro +1

Big Tone36's picture

Shredded! +1. Great job bro

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Crazy. Good work!

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Dude that's just straight fucking insane looking dude, I would even say to say maybe it's the lightd man or just how ur posing but u look hella more impressive in the gym, I honestly don't think I need to do any cardio.... Or do anything crazy or werid protocols..... That's just straight knarly ass muscle and u look like uv even have put some size on man wild looking

SavTac's picture

Fucking diced! Hard grainy look.

TRTdude's picture

Damn bro, even the vain on your bicep has a bicep.

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What lab would you guys like to see me use? I have thought about just pharmacom or alpha pharma .. I will let you guys vote

wanted's picture

Definitely makes a lot of sense for you to change whatever brand your using now considering it doesnt look like its working lol

Athlete126's picture

well considering the brand I used theyre is in prison..... so......

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Talk about FUCKIN VASCULAR!!!!! How much of each per week are you currently on? Keep up the AWESOME work!

Rustyhooker's picture

And just starting prep.....winning!!

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So truthfully I am a big fan of test/primo/gh.. when I say gh I mean pharm gh.

I CANNOT do orals in offseason. they make me absolutely sick.

I am starting a contest prep next week if anyone is interested in me logging it

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I agree. Would love to see the details in your protocols.

Bigun2's picture

Absolutely interested. I imagine we all are.

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Fuckin. Yoked. Like others, I would be interested in recents stacks/cycles things that have been most pivotal for you.

Jake210's picture

Pretty ripped with veins everywhere! What did your cycle look like?

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Fukkkkkkk!! Amazing definition and veins popping as well. Very nice(no home hahah)

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Amazing vascularity! +

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Some serious discipline +1

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There’s a whole bunch of hard ass work and discipline in that photo. Well done, sir!

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that’s sick

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Pure dense granite

wanted's picture

Holly sh-t !!!!! Simply amazing

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Bro I’m curious as to your cycle. Sent you a friend request.
Great work bro

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Solid work bro pure shredz +