+ 5 Photo with my training partner


Picture with my super cute & small training partner Smile
Due corona Gym's are currently open only for Competitors and Professional sportman in my country, so im able to train with her ( shes a professional mess maker Smile )

Currently on 700mg Primobolan & 700mg Test E with 50mg Var & 50mg Proviron & 4iu Gh.

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Lol, cute. Gotta throw a + on this one.

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Cheers mate

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Cute dog bro, I have a lil pug who I have snuck in the gym a few times. Lol. Im also on 800 of primo with 750 of test and 4 iu of hgh right now. But I using some mast and t-bol as well.

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Primo is king bro! You just need a legit gear Smile im a big Primo user.

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I sent mine to the lab to get tested and it came back legit. I'm just finishing week four so the magic is just about to start happening

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Thanks guys:)

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Thats to sweet damn it , you need to be holding a Chainsaw or something in your other hand .

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Haha thx mate

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Cute dog Smile

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Thx mate:)

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So cute!! Looks more solid than some spotters

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That’s cute

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No offense bro, but she looks like a bitch.

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Yea she is one lol

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Where is your partner ? lol

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In my hand Smile