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Hi! quite a lot of people offended me that I posted a picture in the cinema, you said it wasn’t facebook but a bodybuilding forum. i totally agree with this, sorry and I would like to share a picture from the gym today. At the end of the cycle i will upload a before after picture and if i can help anyone with a cycle or a mealplan i will be very happy to help, just drop me a dm. i got a lot of valuable info from eroids and i hope i can add to the value of the page. thanks and happy for being a member of the community:)

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Nice Delts and air max as well .... +1

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Now I love this picture!!!
Good shape!!

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If it was a bikini pic it would have been alright. Maybe next time...

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This plus is half and half. Half for you, the other for the blonde in the previous pic. Stick around buddy, you'll figure it all out.

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Thanks, shes my wife rofl

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Nice delt. Looks like a small muskmellon cut in half +

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Thx mate

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I saw nothing wrong with it pal - was just a photo of you with a sexy blonde!

Don't see how it cost you all of your karma.

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In trying to follow to flow, thanks anyway budd

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+2 for deleting the pic at the movies with your girlfriend and uploading a physique pic.
Get involved in the forums and you should do fine.

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Yea im trying:)